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David Nice
Relationship Manager

What is in a relationship?

When we think about a relationship, we might consider how we interact with those most close to us. Our partner, siblings or sons and daughters perhaps.

Think about the amount of time you co-exist with work colleagues as opposed to family members. During a working week you most likely talk to colleagues and customers far more than you do with your family!

No-one underestimates the complexity and nuance associated with home life. However, we often forget that business relationships work on a similar and often more complex footing… Where are my savings? Why can’t you give me an exact estimate? What does all this jargon mean?

Whether you are a small start-up, an established big player or, as is the case with LGSS Digital, part of a public-sector partnership, it makes relationship management essential in keeping your business moving.

At LGSS Digital, we work with core partners and other customers to create something that adds value and saves money. When you attempt to do this in a public-sector environment and deliver the shared service and savings ethos of LGSS this can reap many benefits – but can also be complicated…



“Creating something that could be shared, requires a high level of communication, empathy and, dare I say it, tolerance on everyone’s part.”

David Nice




Balancing needs

Balancing the needs of a single department and delivering a service that fits the bill within tight budgets can be tough.

Creating something that could be shared, requires a high level of communication, empathy and, dare I say it, tolerance on everyone’s part.  Especially when everyone may phrase the same thing in a different manner – ever been in one of those conversations?

This picks up on themes from the new era of collaboration, the challenge of definition and human-centred design all posted here on the LGSS Digital website.

We operate with a number of staff who provide varying degrees of relationship management. Our aim is to capture shared requirements and share knowledge with all our customers. We keep the communication ticking along, make sure all parties are (relatively) happy, resolve blockers and create opportunities.

We know that each organisation has unique qualities. We have our own working methods and adopt an agile approach to development, whilst ensuring your governance is addressed too.

A number of the team have private sector experience to compliment the public-sector ethos of LGSS. This adds value as we can constructively and continually learn from each other.  We in turn try to bring that learning and value to you.

So, remember, it’s good to talk.

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