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Scrum Master

The scrum master plays a crucial role in all agile projects.  They are responsible for ensuring that the agreed agile principles and methodology are adhered to throughout the project.  They may take on the role of delivery manager for all stages of the agile project which ensures that the project starts with discovery, and only moves on to alpha and beta when the project is ready.  (The delivery manager could also be undertaken by the digital business analyst role in the team, or shared with them.)

The scrum master

  • sets up the agile environment the team needs to build and iterate a user centred service
  • helps the self-organised delivery team to achieve the outcomes they have set out to deliver
  • helps the team agree the scope and timescale of the work to acheive the minimum viable product
  • ensures that user stories and tasks are all captured and stored within an agile project management tool
  • organises daily stand up meetings or scrum calls and asks 3 key questions to all delivery team members:
    • what did you do yesterday?
    • what are you doing today?
    • what blockers do you have?
  • removes blockers for the delivery team
  • liaises with 3rd party suppliers, parties or teams where needed (such as for integrations)
  • coordinates any other work that doesn’t sit with any other team member and draws in extra resources when needed