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Product Owner

The product owner takes responsibility for what the delivery team delivers and is the single empowered decision maker, the ‘single wringable neck’.  The product owner might be the service expert from the business the team is delivering for or could be the digital business analyst from the digital team.  This is not fixed as all projects have different complexities and needs and different delivery teams have different expertise, skills and knowledge.

The product owner:

  • makes sure that the new service meets user needs
  • makes sure that the new service fits in with the organisation’s priorities
  • attends all meetings and scrum calls
  • provides, or facilites to provide, the BA with the data and information required (especially in discovery)
  • prioritises and defines acceptance criteria for user stories
  • comments on design, content and technical solutions
  • accepts user stories when complete
  • helps create testing scripts, schedules testing and reviews and sorts feedback
  • communicates to stakeholders and keeps the right people informed

It is important that the product owner commits their time and is available to the project at all times.  Agile projects are resource intensive, but usually shorter in length compared to traditionally run projects.  The more available a PO can be, the more successful it will be.