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Digital Business Analyst

The digital business analyst role within a delivery team can be a wide role or a more focussed role depending on the size of the project, the skill set of the business analyst and also what service is being delivered.  This role may also act as the delivery manager, or share this role with the scrum master.

Digital business analysts can help organisations identify where to focus their attention and prioritise their efforts at programme level. This can be done by measuring the right things to understand where the maximum values lies and what services  should be transformed first.

On a project level, the digital business analyst is primarily responsible for researching, mapping, presenting, facilitating workshops and gathering data. The busiest time for this role is in this discovery phase, but it is important for them to continue to be an active part of the delivery team through to delivery.

The digital business analyst works with the product owner and scrum master to:

  • gather statistical information about the current service and how much it is costing in order to create a business case.  Delivery teams should only be working on projects that offer real return of investment, either in the form of improvement for the user journey or financial, or both
  • plan how success will be measured based on the business case
  • facilitate workshops to map the as-is and to-be processes and facilitate the creation of the service design (service design may be carried out by a dedicated service designer)
  • research best practice, legislation and technical solutions
  • write user stories
  • plan, recruit volunteers, conduct and present user research (which may be carried out by a dedicated user researcher)
  • coach the product owner or in some cases act as the product owner
  • analyse and map risks and propose solutions.