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Digital, strategy and architecture 

Working together to make things right

Leadership meeting, September 2019

Every 4-6 weeks, a bunch of us meet up to talk about what’s going well, what our blockers are, and how we could improve things in digital, strategy and architecture.

We’ve decided to publish our minutes, so we can be open and honest about what we’re working on. These are the minutes for September.



  1. Corporate update
  2. Performance reporting and KPIs
  3. Service improvements
  4. Support
  5. Recruitment
  6. Any other business

1. Corporate update

LGSS are still to agree on the authority model, which will govern the organisation going forwards.  The date for the next joint committee is eagerly awaited.

Action: Cheryl to log feedback and discussion and report back to our IT Director on how the review is affecting people and workflow.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are still a focus across IT, but many services have found it difficult to decide what to measure. There is a workshop on Thursday, which Dan is going to support, as we’re ahead on this (see agenda item 2).

Action: If anyone has anything to be included in the performance and personal development update, get it to Cheryl by end of September.

2. Performance reporting and KPIs

We’ve been working on more accurate ways to measure performance across IT.

We’ve created a fresh set of KPIs that capture uptime, lead time, cost per phase, customer satisfaction and value created.  The data is captured from all projects in Hubspot which includes digital, strategy and architecture services.

Soon, we’ll have an automated dashboard which will help people see what’s going on in real time, without having to wade through a load of data.

Action: Update HubSpot as things happen, so we have the most recent data.

Action: Get the rest of the real data in the dashboard so we can get the first iteration published.

3. Service improvements

Sometimes we take projects on too early, and then scrabble around to deliver something not-yet-properly-defined under a high pressured deadline. To solve this problem, we’ve been thinking about a list of criteria that will help us determine if a project is suitable to engage with.

We’ve also been focusing a lot on people development and procured Pluralsight to help with this. Unfortunately, our team are hardly using it, which is a real shame.

Action: Managers to include recommended courses in people’s inductions, so self-learning becomes a habit from the start.

Action: Managers to challenge staff about their learning, make recommendations, and help to remove blockers.

4. Support

We have a cultural issue, in that many people in the team do not seem to value or prioritise support. 

We’ve asked all devs, devops engineers and scrum masters to join our daily support call, to increase the number of tickets being looked at. There’s been some resistance, but it is slowly helping.

Action: Make support metrics more visible, for example, displaying the amount of resolved statistics on a screen in the office. 

Action: Explore a way to demonstrate the value of support at a team day.

5. Recruitment 

We’ve appointed a Business Analyst and Digital Services Architect at Milton Keynes Council.

Next week, we’ll be appointing a Business Analyst and Research Analyst at Cambridgeshire County Council.

We hope to advertise for a Technical Architect at Cambridge and a Developer 1 at Milton Keynes by the end of September.

Action: Our current BAs will need to support Lisa, when she starts in November.

Action: Steve, Dan and Kat will need to support our new DSA with some shadowing and coaching.

Action: Steve will support the Milton Keynes pipeline until our new DSA is settled.

6. Any other business?

Ratesh Sharma is leaving after 14 years service. We will raise a glass to him at the in Slug and Lettuce in Milton Keynes on Friday.

We’re proud to be presenting alongside Outsystems at the Next Steps conference in Amsterdam and at the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona.

Cheryl will be spending more time with the strategy and architecture team, to support their heavy workload, until they recruit.

AWS have gifted us a DeepLens camera to play with. It’s cool.

Next meeting:

Provisional date set 09/10/19 @ 13:00, Northampton