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Adele Gilpin

Digital Business Analyst

Welcome to the virtual gallery!

How might digital tools and technology enabled care (TEC) be used to increase the independence of adults with learning disabilities?

This is the question we are focusing on for the Social Care Digital Innovation Programme (SCDIP). 

Within this virtual space, you will find out about the SCDIP discovery phase, the user research we have been doing so far and the interesting things we have been finding out. So please grab a drink and take your time to read through the posters!

The Social Care Digital Innovation Programme (SCDIP)

The discovery phase

The insights

Thank you for voting!

We had an overwhelming response to our survey to help us to choose the most important problem to solve. With over 45% of the vote, we chose to tackle:

Show you how to find out more about technology that help can you. And make sure you are happy and confident using that technology

Watch this space to see if we are successful in the implementation stage of the SCDIP project and to see whether our prototype becomes a reality!

Thank you for taking the time to view the gallery, we hope you enjoyed it.

If you would like to discuss the project or have a question, please do get in touch! My email address is