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Adele Gilpin

Digital Business Analyst

Welcome to the virtual gallery!

How might digital tools and technology enabled care (TEC) be used to increase the independence of adults with learning disabilities?

This is the question we are focusing on for the Social Care Digital Innovation Programme (SCDIP). 

Within this virtual space, you will find out about the SCDIP discovery phase, the user research we have been doing so far and the interesting things we have been finding out. So please grab a drink and take your time to read through the posters! 

At the end, please take a moment to vote on what you think is the most important problem to solve

The Social Care Digital Innovation Programme (SCDIP)

The discovery phase

The insights

It’s over to you…

Based on everything you have learned, we need your help to choose the most important problem to solve! Unfortunately, we can’t solve all of them…just yet!

VOTE HERE (voting will close at 9am on Monday 12th August 2019)

After the most important problem has been identified, we will have two months to design solutions, create prototypes and test them out in the community.

If the prototype is a success, we will enter the implementation stage of the SCDIP and apply for further funding to make it real!

Thank you for taking the time to view the gallery, we hope you enjoyed it.