Digital services are changing for local government


Some background…

We all use digital services – from the moment our smart phones wake us up in the morning, to navigating the streets with google maps.

Most organisations have adapted to engage with people in this way, but public services lag behind.

Public services are expensive to build, and without large injections of funding, can need lots of back office support to run. Most importantly, these services are often difficult for people to use. 

The Government Digital Service (GDS) challenged why and how services get built and have turned many services around. Their academy is a great place to start, if you want to learn about agile service design.

How we’re making things better 

While many GDS practices are at the core of what we do, we are developing our own way of working.

We are passionate that digital services shouldn’t just be the best they can be for local government, but the best they can be, full stop.

Thinking like a start up helps us to be brave in our service design, competitive in our delivery and resourceful in the way we use our technical platform.

We build digital public services that are flexible, efficient, effective and useful. We like to sum this up by saying that we build digital services that people prefer to use.

We believe that by building services using agile principles, we can help our customers to embed this way of working in other parts of their organisations and dramatically change the pace and potential of local government services.

What we do


We design new services and make existing ones work better


We build websites, applications and systems


We provide hosting, maintenance and support

Who we support

We’re part of LGSS – a shared service that supports a range of councils and public sector organisations.

LGSS is owned by Cambridgeshire County Council, Milton Keynes Council and Northamptonshire County Council, so these are the organisations we support most.