Our platform


We’re building a digital platform out of different tools and technology.

This helps us to reuse functionality for other services, meaning less cost for our customers.

It’s a ‘pay it forward’ approach where all functionality and services can be reused by everyone, with a reduced a amount of effort (and stress) each time.

What’s in it?


A bunch of stuff from forms to reporting, websites and authentication.

It’s probably easier if we show you some of the capabilities available…


How’s platform been used so far?

Click the images to see what we’ve made using our platform capabilities…





(Auth/OS or Cognito demo)

Contact Centre

Phone number, script of questions to ask


File upload/image recognition

AI service

for content/categorisation


data back and forth from external service

Google maps

location data

Any questions?

Ask our platform bot, Bob. … or speak to these humans…. X Y Z person​