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The playbook


We’ve created this playbook for you.

It’s a collection of tools, methods and structures – albeit very loose ones – that have helped us get where we are.

Find out why we’re here, what we believe in and how we work – then use these pages to structure your own ideas and challenges.


Why’s it called a playbook?

The term playbook refers to American football.

In the game, each team have a series of ‘plays’ – learnt formations and strategies that help people work together without discussing what to do.

We want to share our plays so that we can learn our part and unconsciously move towards a tighter, faster and more powerful delivery.

Add your own ideas to the playbook

The playbook is collaborative…

Challenge us to keep moving forwards by sharing your own ideas, skills and practices.

It’s the diverse nature of our team that keeps us learning and forces us to think differently. We don’t want that to stop.

As Ghandi would say, be the change you want to see.