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On an average day you’ll find me… doing support for the Mileage and Expenses, Firmstep and NCC CRM (soon to be decommissioned I hope) systems.

People think I’m… friendly, supportive, funny and a bit behind as a developer.

I hate it when… traditional methods of communication are not used because there are other, more technical based methods are felt to be better, they should all be used equally.

I’m rather good at… supporting my colleagues and showing users how to do something by speaking their language, I am good at bridging the gap between the user and the techie.

You’ll get on my good side if you… treat me with respect, allow me the time to learn and not get frustrated with me when I don’t get it instantly, I’m coming into this developer stuff later in life and it takes me a bit longer than it used to to compile the theory and put it into practice.

Also I have a visual impairment so my good side is straight in front of me, standing by my side outside of my peripheral vision and waiting for me to acknowledge you are there may take some time, sorry, I’m not ignoring you, just don’t know you are there.

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