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Business Analyst

On an average day you’ll find me:

  • Buzzing about the office, helping everyone out as much as I can to try to keep things moving in the right direction and probably talking…

People think I’m:

  • Super approachable and smiley!

I hate it when:

  • I can’t find something good to watch on Netflix (outside of the office obvs)

I’m rather good at:

  • Being organised, tying up loose ends and supporting everyone as much as I can to minimise stress.

I dabble in:

  • FOOD! I love eating but cooking is alright too aha! You’ll soon realise I am a serious feeder. I spent 90% of my time outside of work catching up with friends all around the country.

You’ll get on my good side if you:

  • Are friendly, give everyone a chance and lend assistance where you can. Always pop over to for a chat, I love getting to know people!