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Digital Services Architect

On an average day you’ll find me… darting about with post-its and sharpies, attending meetings and workshops generally saying ‘well what we could do is start with user needs and design from there instead of jumping to solutions’ and ‘imagine all the tech was in place and you didn’t need to worry about that bit – what would you do next?’

People think I’m… eternally happy, excited about everything, supportive, scatty and a little bit bonkers.

I hate it when… people can’t see the value of good design and think that buying a ‘thing’ (unicorn) will solve all their problems

I’m rather good at… engaging with people, generating excitement, creating a safe environment and occasionally putting my foot in it or saying stupid things.

I dabble in… nonsense, tomfoolery, being nice to people who talk rubbish, having amazing adventures and trying new things.

You’ll get on my good side if you… like to be silly and have a laugh and you generally agree with what I say!

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