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Raising Concerns Made Easy

Great News for Social Workers


Cambridgeshire County Council is now using real time data to stop safeguarding issues before they arise. Social workers flag comments, compliments and concerns on an online system – so the social care team can make sure external providers are delivering a high standard of care.


To provide Cambridgeshire County Council with data about care providers, to spot trends and proactively maintain a high standard of external care.
To provide up-to-date, live information about the quality of services in Cambridgeshire to enable interventions and escalation where necessary.

Ultimate goal

To help Cambridgeshire County Council monitor external care providers, and make data-driven decisions that will reduce safeguarding issues.





The challenge

Cambridgeshire’s social workers are required to log concerns and monitor standards for their external care providers. Since 2014 they had been using a large, complex spreadsheet accessed via SharePoint. However, SharePoint was being discontinued by the service in April 2018, pushing the service to find an alternative solution.

Easy to use

The existing solution was a giant spreadsheet. What had started as a temporary solution had become confusing, unmanageable and difficult to filter – holding as many as 14,024 concerns.

We needed a solution where concerns could be found easily, and would not be missed.



Lack of reporting capabilities and a poor data structure made it impossible to spot trends.

We needed a solution that would provide evidence to regulating bodies, and an audit trail that would support service decisions.

Increased engagement

In the existing system, it was impossible to determine whether any action had been taken.

Care workers were unsure if their concerns were being looked at, and began to lose faith in the system.

We needed a solution which would update the status of concerns and encourage care workers to log them.

The solution

Success: Easy To Use

We delivered a online solution that is accessed by the contracts team, Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and the adult social care team. Social care workers can now log soft concerns more easily, filling in all essential fields to ensure high-quality, reportable data.


Able to see all concerns raised, and can filter by type, care provider and social worker.


Able to triage and escalate concerns. Interactive graphs available with live information.

Contracts Team

Able to see all data, report on trends and make data-driven decisions.

Social Workers

Able to login and see the progress of their concern.

Success: Increased Engagement

The number of concerns raised has increased by 25% since the same period, the previous year.
“The new system provides an improved design which people are more likely to use. The number of concerns raised has increased because our new system has re-engaged the workforce.” Julie Rivett

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council

The Future...

In the next iteration, our client wants to extend system access to external partners, such as the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Care Quality Commission (CQC).

This means that key auditing groups will be able to access real time feedback about Cambridgeshire’s care services.

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