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During initial discussions, it’s important to find out who has an invested interest in the service. This should include, at the very least the budget holder, who will be required to provide the budget code before work can begin.

You will also want to engage other stakeholders such as the Heads of Service, Customer Service Centre/Contact Centre, the Business Intelligence team and local IT and web teams. It’s better to engage too many people and let them decide it’s not for them, rather than miss them out completely.

Ask your customer to draw a flowchart or write a list of all the different stakeholders involved, and their needs for the service. You will need permission to speak to as many of these people as possible, to make sure you don’t disrupt their user needs.

It’s a good idea to capture email addresses and job titles as well, so you can assess how widespread the service will be in the council and contact people for an early engagement.