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A guided tour of the environment your service will interact with, will often show you much of what users forget to mention. Is wifi available? Do people on site wear gloves? What is the common language used here? Things that are more unconscious and obvious to users, will often not be flagged up as concerns.

Before you go, think about what you want to get out of the visit. What questions do you need to ask? What behaviour are you hoping to witness? Make sure your questions are sensitive to your environment, particularly if you are in someone’s home or are working with vulnerable people.

Stick to 2 team members – 1 to ask questions and 1 to take notes. You should both pay close attention to the behaviour you witness and the space that you’re in.

Ask lots of questions about the participant’s habits and space. Who uses the space? Where are things kept? Why are things organised the way they are?

With permission, take photos or videos. Sketches or floorplans may also be useful.

Afterwards, make sure all your insights are added yo your Trello board of user needs.