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Prototyping means releasing still-rough concepts into the context where they will eventually be found.

See how your concept resonates in the marketplace and how it holds up against the associated distractions and competing choices. Using a live prototype also helps negate some of the risks associated with the unpredictability of the market.

Start by deciding what you want to get out of your prototype. Think about the format and logistics, staffing, physical space and whether or not you need a permit are all things to consider.

Ask users to complete an exit survey to get a good baseline of data. You should also engage with users while they are using the service. Ask them why they made certain choices and make notes about what they do. It’s crucial to note how long people engage for (or how long a task takes) and what causes people to stop using the prototype.

Don’t be afraid to make changes to the prototype as you go, but remember this will mean that some of your feedback will become void.

Good luck!