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This session will help you generate lots of ideas in a short amount of time!

Good ideas take work. Teams often end up with underdeveloped ideas because they stick with the first good idea they have, rather than exploring other approaches. The 6-8-5 ideation method combats this pattern by forcing us to generate lots of ideas in a short period of time.

  1. Start by giving everyone 8 sticky notes and nominating a timekeeper. From the moment the timekeeper says go, each person has 5 minutes to silently sketch 6-8 ideas that answer one of your group’s “how might we” questions.
  2. After 5 minutes, everyone in the group gets 2 minutes to present their ideas.
  3. Play continues with another 5 minutes round. In the second and every subsequent round, each participant can either introduce more new ideas, build on someone else’s idea or merge other people’s ideas together.

It’s important to defer judgement while playing 6-8-5. The objective is to generate lots of ideas and everyone in the team should feel like they can share their ideas, no matter how outlandish. In fact, 6-8-5 is the perfect game for sharing outlandish ideas, as these can often give rise to creative leaps.