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Kat Sexton
Digital Services Architect

Life as a digital services architect at LGSS Digital

I joined LGSS Digital 2 years ago after working in customer services for 3 years and IT project management for 7 years before that.  My role as the contact centre manager at a district council exposed me to the frustrations and failings our customers sometimes experienced, giving me the desire to do things differently. I developed a passion for customer needs.

The BIG move

Moving to a large shared service was a culture shock, but such a great learning experience.  I love working with people from different organisations, who are often experiencing very similar challenges.

Life as a digital services architect (DSA) is fast-paced and rewarding.  I spend a lot of time preparing and supporting people to work in an agile way, so we can deliver the best digital projects.  It’s great working with open-minded people who enjoy getting their teeth into a problem, and it’s always exciting to start up a new team which will work together to deliver amazing results.

Digital projects

Projects vary a great deal. We can fix small problems with a limited timescale and budget, or deliver large, ambitious projects, such as replacing a whole business system or online service.

Right now, we are working with a council on a radical project to replace their complex CRM with a light-touch alternative. This will re-use their existing capability, have a simple user interface and meet the real needs of the council, not to mention saving them lots of money.

Fighting the good fight.

Digital service architect

As a DSA, one of my roles is to keep the agile, multi-disciplinary team focussed, empowered and motivated, so that we help our customers succeed with their goals.

At LGSS Digital, we recognise that we all have different strengths, and support one another do the work we enjoy. My own strengths are in stakeholder engagement, leadership and research and service design. My more technical colleagues are more comfortable developing and supporting technology and that’s great because then we all get to do the work that we are good at and the different skill-sets, perspectives and creativity enables us to develop innovative solutions.

Fighting the good fight

We do all have one thing in common though. We are all committed to fantastic, user-centred service design – pushing the boundaries to provide better services to the public. We are delivery driven and continually learning team, constantly reflecting on the work we do and refining our approach for the future.  We have come a long way in a short space of time and we are looking forward to welcoming more talented people to our team who will bring even more variation and dynamic.

We are here to disrupt, excite, challenge and support, and we are here to make a difference to people’s lives.

LGSS Digital is an exciting agile team made up of researchers, analysts, designers, architects, scrum masters and developers.  We support numerous public sector authorities and pride ourselves on our ability to re-imagine and design services to meet user needs. We believe that work should be exciting, rewarding and fun!  We’re hiring Digital Service Architects!  Apply before 11th December 2017!