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Chloe Hullis

Digital Services Architect

Code in a day

Having recently joining the LGSS digital team, I found myself on a steep learning curve to catch up on technologies behind delivering end to end digital services.

Previously a business change analyst dealing with system changes, my experiences were mostly based on channel shift.  I always had developers to hand over processes to, with a brief to make that whizzy!  Digital services now go far beyond this basic level and I felt I needed to have the confidence to understand the technology and mechanisms behind the delivery.

So I booked myself onto a course ‘code in a day’, took myself off to London and rocked up to Decoded HQ, on arrival the attendees of the course were all rather ‘cool’, which pretty much set the tone for the day, we even had smashed avocado for breakfast!  The day contained learning the history of the WWW, interesting to say the least, then moving on to building my very own app using my newly fledged skills such as HTML and Java.

I learnt a lot in just one day and now feel I have a good basis of understanding of how processes work. The options for coders is almost limitless, so as we all work to identify savings and innovating customer experiences and business processes, the challenge is also to help our customers change their behaviours, processes and mind set to leverage maximum value from technology…. and even got too chill out with a beer afterwards how cool was that!