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Kiri Crequer
Digital Services Architect

Become a superhero in 2 minutes

If you want to feel really good this Easter, here’s a 2 minute exercise that will make you grin your face off.


  • a willing participant (yourself or a low-in-confidence friend)
  • a pen
  • some paper

Ready? …. Let’s go.


1. Think about a great leader

This could be someone you know like a friend or colleague. Or a world leader like Ghandi or Britney Spears. Whoever your leader is, make sure it’s someone you really admire.

2. Write down your leader’s qualities

What makes them a good leader? Why do you they inspire you so much? What is it that they do, which makes them so super-awesome?


“We see people through a lens of self-recognition.”

Kiri Crequer

Cooking time

When looking at others, you see people through a lens of self-recognition. This means that when you admire things in others, it’s probably because you have these qualities yourself.


To reinforce this, go through each quality and write an example of how you demonstrate this in your day-to-day life.

This might be uncomfortable at first. But if you make yourself do it, you’ll be able to value, inspire and admire yourself in the same way that you admire your leader.

For more inspirational activities, try the Socitm Leadership Academy.