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Apply for a charity or community website

We want to give 10 free websites for local charities or communities in the United Kingdom.

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What’s included?

  • 1-2 hour website consultation on branding, needs and vision
  • a professional website with 5-6 pages (e.g. Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact)
  • training on how to edit pages
  • training on how to create additional pages
  • easy-to-use editing tool with a series of page templates
  • advice on user-centred design

Am I eligible?

Any charity or community group in the UK can apply.

We will give priority to those that have a real need for digital support, with special weighting to those affected by financial cuts in Northamptonshire.

What do I need to take part?

  • an existing website OR words for a new one (you need to know what you want to say)
  • a product owner (someone to tell us what you want)
  • a group representative (someone to edit the website going forwards. This person does not have to be technical, but does need to be able to use a computer)

Why are the websites available?

The Go Digital initiative is our way of supporting local community groups, who are facing financial cuts.

Who’s running it?

LGSS Digital – that’s us!

We’re a digital team that spend our day jobs helping local government.

We want to make services better for the people that use them.

We are part of LGSS – a shared service that supports several organisations in the public sector, most notably Cambridgeshire County Council, Milton Keynes Council and Northamptonshire County Council.

How are you able to give something for nothing?

We’re dramatically reducing our development costs by using our platform – a collection of pre-made components and templates which we’ve already used for other projects.

We will also offset some of our costs by using the new websites as a training tool for our team. This means something that would normally cost 20k will only cost 3k.

As lovely as we are, we still need to pay our developers.

But we’re reaching out to sponsors to cover the cost of a short 2 week build.

Can I become a sponsor?

Of course you can, you lovely human, you.

Email Kiri and she will tell you how amazing you are.

Sponsorship tiers

The Helper
3k to sponsor 1 website
Your logo in website footer, with a link to your own site

The Legend
15k to sponsor 5 websites
“Funded by [your logo]” banner in 5 x website footers
Link to website from 5 x footers
Twitter mentions
Blog post mentions

The Superhero
30k to sponsor 10 websites
“Funded by [your logo]” banner in 10 website footers
Link to website from 10 x footers
Twitter mentions
Blog post mentions
Press release mentions

The Almighty
60k to sponsor 10 websites plus Amazon hosting
“Funded by [insert logo]” banner in 10 website footers
Link to website from 10 x footers
Twitter mentions
Blog post mentions
Press release mentions
Digital transformation consultation
Nominate your own charity as one of the 10
Extra tea and cuddles